Working from back to front

Sometimes it is useful to work crochet stitches from back to front. It is used frequently in slip stitch crochet ("inverse stitches"), but is also easily done with single crochet or in fact taller stitches too!

How to do:

Hold  yarn in front and insert the hook from back to front in indicated stitch. The picture above shows a stitch worked in the front loop only. Yarnover and pull through - finish the stitch as usual.

An inverse stitch worked under both loops.

These two pictures show the difference between working back and forth with only "normal" stitches (from front to back) - top picture - compared to using inverse stitches (worked from back to front) on every other row - second picture. The little purse is crocheted in rounds (sc in both loops), but the lid has to be crocheted in rows back and forth. In the top picture, you can see how the stitches in the lid are different from the stitches in the rest of the purse. In the picture below the stitches have (almost) the same appearance in the lid as the rest of the purse, by the use of inverse stitches.

 In addition, the curling that is so common with crochet, has disappeared!

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